Al is a classically trained pianist, who also has played the drums and guitar. He produces of all types of music in many genre's. All songs are written, performed and recorded in his personal studio, Portside Studio.

Most of the music Al produces is marketed for a variety of uses, including background music for Film/TV and Video Games. There are dozens of Al's songs and tracks in publishing libraries all over the world. Al also has two albums out "A World Beyond" and "Soothing Melodies".

Member of American Society Of Composers Authors and Publishers, Broadjam, Taxi, and a few other music companies.

Over the past 12 years Al has won several music contests, including being named one of the Top 100 Best Emerging Artists Of 2006 in American Idol Magazine. He launched and maintained his own on-line radio station that played only his music and was very successful averaging 1500 listening hours a month from paid subscribers, at Live - station was titled "Soothing Melodies" (station closed when Live 365 went out of business). He's also produced 2 albums, one in 2007 titled: A World Beyond and another in 2012 title: Soothing Melodies. There are currently no plans to produce another album, singles possibly.

Al's music is available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and various other places.